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Behavioral Health Services for Williamson County in Brentwood

The Family Care Center Brentwood clinic is located at 105 Continental Place, Ste 105, Brentwood, TN 37027. 

Our innovative, multidisciplinary team of clinicians at our Brentwood clinic provides comprehensive, evidence-based care that yields lasting positive results for patients of all ages.

In addition to individual, couples and family therapy, as well as psychiatric services, we are leaders in transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), an innovative FDA-approved treatment for depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and more.

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At Family Care Center, we believe that individuals can heal from mental health issues, as long as they have the right support, and we’re proud to provide the residents of Parker and the surrounding areas with just that.

Appointments in days, not months

Taking the first step on your mental health journey is easier than you might think.

* Family Care Center is in-network with most major health insurance plans!

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Meet the Brentwood Clinic Providers

headshot of deborah vines

Deborah Vines, LCSW

Clinic Director
I am a trauma-focused psychotherapist. I have been through my own healing process from early childhood trauma, and I’ve therefore experienced this process from both sides…
Read More…as a facilitator and healer and as a soul in need of healing. I strongly believe in the therapeutic relationship as a “safe space” and relational context for positive change.

Victoria Maclellan, APRN, PMHNP-BC

Medical Supervisor
I have always been passionate about mental health, and it has been my goal to help people to reach their mental health needs.
Read MoreIf you are on this page looking for a provider, welcome! The first step of looking for help can be the hardest at times. I believe in holistic healthcare, which is treating the mind, body, and spirit. Physical health and mental health are closely related and treating one can positively impact the other. My hope is to create a warm and welcoming space for you to feel safe and comfortable. Together we will talk about treatment options, education, and goals to best serve you on your health journey!

Chloe Lee

I provide a safe and empowering environment that allows for positive change and personal growth by meeting a person where they are.
Read MoreMy passion is helping others become confident in who they are and how they function in the world. I use a fun and creative approach using art therapy alongside traditional counseling. This can help you express yourself beyond words through different art mediums, by working through different emotions and accomplishing personal goals.

Madeline Walsh

My goal is to create a safe and nonjudgmental space to support you through your therapeutic goals.
Read MoreLife is complicated and challenging at times, but you do not have to do it alone. I will be there to walk with you through some of your most difficult moments and celebrate each victory as they come. Together we will work towards helping you become your true authentic self.

Mary Hale

One of the hardest things about starting therapy is getting in the door. I will continue to strive to meet my clients where they are…
Read More…provide information and answer all questions along the way, and provide a safe and comfortable environment for people to show up where they are each day.

Lisa Wascher

Life can be difficult so pain in life may be inevitable, but true suffering is optional. It’s not so much what happens to us as much as how we interpret and respond to what is happening.
Read MoreI can help you change your thinking patterns to withstand the daily stresses that may be wearing you down or reduce the emotional reactions you may be having to situations and people you find especially difficult.

Heather Brown

Making your mental health a priority can be intimidating and a difficult first step. My goal is to make you feel comfortable during this process by being kind, compassionate and humble…
Read More…so you can achieve total mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. I find it delightful to see my patients happy, motivated, and living their best lives.

Jasmine Baptiste

Experiencing disappointment is an inevitable part of life, and it’s essential to feel safe and comfortable when sharing personal experiences.
Read MoreMy primary objective is to provide hope in a non-judgmental and safe environment. I take pleasure in exploring innovative solutions that can help you achieve your full potential, despite the challenges you may be facing, such as depression or emotional distress. I understand that the healing process is not always straightforward, and I am here to support you every step of the way. Let’s begin this journey together.

Brooke LaBarbera

I have a direct and validating approach to therapy, where I help you learn how to honor your emotions, while simultaneously figuring out reasonable ways to respond to problems.
Read MoreMy goal is to empower my clients to make positive changes in their lives through a willingness to have hard discussions, openness to learning new coping skills and accepting areas that could benefit from increased accountability.
headshot of Isabella Cipriani-Bluemmel

Isabella Cipriani-Bluemmel, MS

Regional Administrator
Working in mental health is my true passion, but I have gotten to experience many facets of healthcare throughout my career.
Read MoreI have had the privilege of living in Nashville for the better part of seven years, and in that time have made the city my home. Working in mental health is my true passion, but I have gotten to experience many facets of healthcare throughout my career. I am a Master of Psychology graduate with an in-depth knowledge of administrative practices and management. I am excited to be a part of such an extraordinary team, and connecting with our community here in Brentwood is one of the best parts of my job!

Jenny Harmon, LPC, MHSP

IOP Therapist
I tend towards a systemic approach in my therapeutic practice. This means I believe we all come from and are consistently a part of, some sort of system.
Read MoreExamples: marriage/family, identity/community, work/professional, etc. I believe when there is a breakdown in one of our systems; we tend to struggle. I enjoy helping people develop a plan to create a better version of themselves, their relationships, and ultimately, a better life.

Dr. Katharine Dinwiddie

As a double board-certified psychiatrist in child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry, I specialize in the evaluation and management of various mental health conditions and symptoms across the lifespan.
Read More I promote a compassionate and nonjudgmental treatment environment where you feel comfortable sharing concerns and asking questions. My goal is to help you build self-resiliency by way of psychoeducation, therapy, and/or medications to forge a path through your current challenges.
headshot of Alexandria Adams

Alexandria Adams

Let’s face it, your mental health impacts every aspect of your health and wellness.
Read MoreI recognize that completely and look forward to connecting you with various treatment options to meet your individual needs. I am committed to working with you to create a realistic and sustainable path to mental wellness.
headshot of Ashley Perkins

Ashley Perkins

I believe in meeting everyone where they are in their life, whether they are seeking help for depression, anxiety, substance use, or change of life issues.
Read MoreNothing is more important than finding the right fit when choosing a counselor and I always feel honored to work with individuals who choose to invite me on their journey! I utilize a person-centered approach to create a collaborative plan to achieve each client’s individual goals and incorporate elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectic behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and brief problem-solving as needed. No one plan works for everyone, so let’s start working together to find yours!
headshot of Mackenzie Mattingly

Mackenzie Mattingly

I have always loved the beauty and complexity in each individual’s story and feel incredibly honored to get to do the work that I do.
Read More I love meeting children, adolescents, teens, and parents exactly where they are and finding a therapeutic approach that feels empowering, healing, and uplifting to that individual and/or family. I have 7 years of experience coming alongside children, teens, and families to begin to piece together their stories through various tools and modalities as they begin their healing journey.
headshot of Steve Stride

Steve Stride

I know how important it is to be heard especially when facing challenges that feel overwhelming.
Read MoreWhen someone takes the time to listen intently and collaborate there is great power to help lighten the burden. It is my intent to connect with you through listening and participation so we can work together to help dissolve the challenges you are facing internally and externally. My ultimate goal is to not only get you to a place where symptoms are reduced, but also where passions and dreams are pursued that give your life meaning and purpose.
headshot of Elizabeth harrison

Elizabeth Harrison

I would love to be able to sit down with you and help in any way I can. I have 30+ years dealing with all these issues and more.
Read MoreToday’s world is a very complex place, and our stress levels are often off the charts. Many times, it would be good to just have someone to talk to. Someone to discuss our stressors with – relationships, workplace issues, issues of aging and loss, issues with alcohol or drugs.

Micole Ezell


Cassie Alexander

TMS Care Coordinator Supervisor

Mikaela Kelly

TMS Technician
As a transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) technician, I aim to create a safe and encouraging environment that will foster your growth along your TMS journey.
Read MoreWhether you need a listening ear or someone to laugh with you about your day, I am here to help you walk through your day-to-day struggles and celebrate you in your victories.

Erika Kuhnast

IOP Technician
After completing my bachelor’s degree in psychology, I knew I wanted to work in behavioral health. Starting therapy can be hard, and I’m here to be a friendly resource…
Read More…and to answer questions along the way. By cultivating a welcoming and efficient front desk, I hope to be a positive first point of contact for all patients that walk through our doors.

Most insurance plans accepted

We’re in-network with most health insurance plans and accept VA benefits, out-of-network and self-pay patients. Coverage varies by state.

Proven results with the power to transform lives

At Family Care Center, we believe in practicing compassionate, evidence-based mental health care and measuring the results.

Our results show that over 90% of patients show positive mental health outcomes with our comprehensive care model, significantly better than the national benchmark of 52%.

positive mental health outcomes
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*national benchmark 52%.