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Community Engagement

Nurturing Stronger Communities

Our Community Engagement Team is here to help you better understand who we are, the services we provide and how FCC can partner with you and your organization.

Contact us today to:

  • Schedule a lunch and learn with you and your team.
  • Arrange a tour of one of our clinics.
  • Arrange a meeting with our Founder and CMO, Dr. Chuck Weber.

Through community partnerships, educational initiatives and outreach programs, we’re actively working to create a culture where behavioral health is valued, understood and integrated into daily life.

Let’s work together to identify barriers to behavioral health care in your community and address challenges to improve access to care.

Our Community Engagement Liaisons

Alison Sasse | South Denver

[email protected]

Abbey Jablow | North Denver

[email protected]

Tim Phares | Colorado Springs, CO

[email protected]

David Buss | Nashville, TN

[email protected]

Julia Thurber | Clarksville, TN

[email protected]

Veronica Drake | San Antonio, TX

[email protected]

Melanie Bubel | Austin, TX

[email protected]
512-241-7314 ext. 4685