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Price Transparency

At Family Care Center, we are committed to consumer transparency and quality. It is important to us that patients and families have the information they need about the cost of care for our services.

We are committed to price transparency and want to help you understand the charges that you may see when you visit one of our locations. In line with 2017 legislation requiring health care facilities in Colorado to publicly post charges on the most common services for patients who do not have insurance (also called “self-pay”), we have provided rates below on our most common billed procedure codes. Please note, the price for any given healthcare service is an estimate and the actual charges are dependent on the circumstances at the time of service.

OON Rates_10.4

*Our TMS Care Coordinators are here to help you understand billing and payment options for TMS. Please schedule an initial assessment to learn more.

Billing Options at Family Care Center

We understand that therapy is an important investment in your well-being, and we’re here to help you find a solution that works for you. Let our billing experts help you through insurance coverage and payment options so you can focus on your journey to recovery.