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Employers Preferred Access Program


Self-funded employers experience significant savings, can customize their health benefits to suit their needs, and have unprecedented flexibility partnering with vendors.

What Does Preferred Access Mean?

Priority access to our mental health services that is not subject to the typical barriers that consumers often experience. Self-insured employers have direct line-of-sight in getting their employees the behavioral health resources they need.

Benefits of the Preferred Access Partnership

  • Priority and direct access to Family Care Center’s entire behavioral health service offering
  • Care coordination with employer primary care providers, such as onsite health and wellness centers
  • Robust reporting capabilities to provide employers with metrics surrounding patient satisfaction, service utilization, patient outcomes, and other customizable data trends
  • Community support to advance communication, relationship-building, and awareness
  • Ability to support your staff with their mental health needs which translates into a happier, healthier, and more productive employee population
  • Significantly reducing access to care barriers that your employees deal with throughout the traditional model of healthcare
preferred access partnership

Family Care Center vs. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Our Preferred Access model for employers is not to be confused with Employee Assistance Programs:

  • Most serious mental health needs tend to be outside of the scope of traditional EAP covered services
  • Authorized counseling sessions are typically short in nature and limited in number of total visits under most EAP offerings.
  • EAPs may be able to assist your employees with things like legal aid, consumer credit counseling, or identity theft and fraud resolution
  • Family Care Center provides in-person talk therapy and medication management options that go far beyond the ability of your EAP benefits.

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