Medication Management


Understanding Medication Management

Family Care Center medical providers work closely with therapists, psychologists and medical assistants to fully understand each patient’s needs.  We’re here to support you in your treatment goals.

Partner with us and our specialized medical professionals to determine if medications may be a helpful component of your treatment plan.

Medication Management

Medication Management - Antidepressants


Medication Management - Mood Stabilizers

Mood Stabilizers

Medication Management - Stimulants - Concentration Assistance

Stimulants/Concentration Assistance

Medication Management - Sleep Medication

Sleep Medication

Medication Management - Anti Anxiety

Anti-Anxiety Medication

Medication Management

Why is Medication Management Important?

  • Reduces symptoms and enables people to better focus on their treatment goals
  • Optimizes the dose and timing of each medication
  • Synchronizes psychiatric medications with medications prescribed by medical providers
  • Maintains the success of remission

At Family Care Center, medication is always tailored to each individual.

Understanding Medication Management

The symptoms of mental illnesses are influenced by many factors, including the function of specific areas of brain function. Medications work by balancing key neurotransmitters to reduce symptoms, or sometimes, to relieve them completely.

The medical providers at Family Care Center will conduct a thorough clinical assessment to see if determine which medication is best suited for each patient. They consider many factors, including how family members may have responded to similar medications.  We always discuss potential side effects and help each patient to consider the treatment options. 

Medications often help the most when they’re part of an overall treatment program. In some cases, medication can reduce symptoms so other methods of a treatment plan can be more effective.

For example, a medication can ease symptoms of depression like loss of energy and lack of concentration, allowing an individual to engage more in talk therapy. Your plan may include psychotherapy, group therapy, or family counseling to help with problems that medication alone can’t treat.

The Medications we Prescribe Include:

  • Antidepressants
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Mood Stabilizers
  • Stimulants/Concentration Assistance
  • Sleep Medication
  • Anti-Psychotics

Support your overall health and wellness with medication management services from Family Care Center.