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Behavioral Health Services for Williamson County in Pflugerville

The Family Care Center Pflugerville clinic is located at 1601 E. Pflugerville Pkwy, BLDG 3, Ste 3202, Pflugerville, TX 78660.

Our innovative, multidisciplinary team of clinicians at our Pflugerville clinic provides comprehensive, evidence-based care that yields lasting positive results for patients of all ages.
In addition to individual, couples and family therapy, as well as psychiatric services, we are leaders in transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), an innovative FDA-approved treatment for depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and more.

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At Family Care Center, we believe that individuals can heal from mental health issues, as long as they have the right support, and we’re proud to provide the residents of Parker and the surrounding areas with just that.

Appointments in days, not months

Taking the first step on your mental health journey is easier than you might think.

* Family Care Center is in-network with most major health insurance plans!

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Meet the Pflugerville Clinic Providers

Dr. Alexander Kaplan

Regional Medical Director
I provide a comprehensive team-based psychiatric evaluation and treatment approach, including the patient, family (if amenable/appropriate) and therapeutic team.
Read More I strive to ensure evidence-based, empathic psychiatric care. Be assured you will receive a thorough, patient, and thoughtful evaluation with appropriate recommendations and treatment including psychotropic medications, medical work-up, and therapy. I see all patients 12 years or older.

Madison Vencill, LCSW

Clinic Director
I am very personable and like to keep things as real as possible. That being said, I will always encourage and support them, unconditionally.
Read MoreI am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. My approach to therapy is psychodynamic with emotions-based processing, interactive feedback, Psychoeducation, CBT frameworks, and DBT frameworks. I love to work with young adults, typically 18 years or older, as they begin navigating life after school and looking for their place and purpose in the world.

Sarah Weaver

As someone who struggled with depression as a young person, I felt like no one fully understood. Therefore, I strive to create a space where you can feel seen, heard and validated.
Read MoreLife can throw some crazy adventures and struggles our way which makes finding a space to feel safe extremely difficult but so necessary. As a counselor, I see my clients as the experts. They are the only ones who know what their life is like and how it has impacted them. My role focuses on looking at all the puzzle pieces, seeing how they fit together and reframing them in a way that clients can see how those pieces impact each other and their lives as a whole. I see patients as young as 8 years and older.

David Jaskowiak


Coming to a therapist can seem scary. Often, we perceive that if we ignore our problems they will “go away.” The problem is, they don’t just go away…

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…they get worse and impact other parts of our lives. My perspective as a therapist is that this is a conversation; you are the director of your life, I’m here to provide support. I see patients as young as early elementary school and adults of all ages, including couples and families.

I was born in California at Edwards Air Force Base where I lived for two years with my family prior to my father leaving the USAF. After a short two year stay in Colorado, my family moved again to Massachusetts where I lived until I relocated to Texas with my wife. I have three children, a dog and a cat. I enjoy all things Star Trek and like spending my time building models.

Gustavo Arguelles

Clinic Administrator
Life can be unpredictable and often messy. When we least expect it, we are faced with unexpected events that leave us confused, hurt, and frequently bewildered. My passion is to restore individuals, families, and marriages…
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…I am highly trained in the area of individual therapy, couples therapy divorce, premarital counseling and grief therapy. We will work together to help you break free from negative thought patterns that lead to destructive behaviors. Together we can identify what hinders you and how to remove the roadblocks to begin living a life with meaning.

Tasha Nickerson

If you’re in a challenging time in your life and desire some support navigating the waters, it’s my privilege to partner with you.
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My goal is to support you with compassion, objective listening, supportive guidance, healing strategies, and hope. Many of us move through life carrying significant emotional burdens that hold us back from living a fuller life.

Derek Dietrich

I like to learn from my clients, because no one in the world will ever have the same experiences as them. I typically see patients in their late teens and older.
Read MoreWhat I offer, is an outside perspective to reflect on life, and its difficulties, all the while we search for ways to make things a little easier and more manageable; Life is hard enough on its own and our mental health can make it much harder, so why choose to do it alone?

Isabel Velazquez

I offer a space to process your old wounds while providing tangible ways to navigate your current stressors.
Read MoreStarting therapy can be scary. It’s a vulnerable process and can feel scary if you were taught that being vulnerable/getting help is “weak.” Maybe you’ve been a pro at “white knuckling” through all the chaos life throws your way, but now find yourself depleted and overwhelmed. Maybe you find this negatively impacting your relationships, your family, your job, your confidence, or maybe all of the above. I offer a space to process your old wounds while providing tangible ways to navigate your current stressors. I see patients who are 18 and older. I am direct, compassionate, humorous, and aim to make therapy approachable.

Isamar Silva

You don’t deserve to go through this mental health journey alone. Experiencing a spectrum of emotions can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you are lacking someone to communicate those thoughts to.
Read MoreThe first step in your journey to healing is accepting you need to heal. You deserve to give yourself grace, and relief through this process. Let’s work together to help you identify and achieve your goals, redirect potentially destructive thoughts, and reframe negative thought patterns into productive ideas. You deserve to feel relief and support. I see patients that are 13 years or older.

Amy Lee

I am a Physician Assistant certified by the NCCPA. I believe strongly in a shared decision-making model of care with evidence-based practice as the groundwork of treatment.
Read MoreI aim to prioritize provider-patient relationship and collaborate with patients to create an individualized treatment plan that align with their circumstances. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking with my dog Pomelo, playing tennis, and gardening. I typically see all patients who are 18 and older.

Tiyilikeisha Gillum

Medical Office Receptionist
Creating positive customer experiences can help build successful long-term relationships with patients and helps the facility and its staff succeed.
Read MoreI believe it’s important for a receptionist’s behavior to align with the company’s values because it makes the whole brand consistent and trustworthy. I am happy to extend warm energy with a smile. It is my sincere pleasure to be of assistance.

Mariss Scott

TMS Technician

Most insurance plans accepted

We’re in-network with most health insurance plans and accept VA benefits, out-of-network and self-pay patients. Coverage varies by state.

Proven results with the power to transform lives

At Family Care Center, we believe in practicing compassionate, evidence-based mental health care and measuring the results.

Our results show that over 90% of patients show positive mental health outcomes with our comprehensive care model, significantly better than the national benchmark of 52%.

positive mental health outcomes
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*national benchmark 52%.