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Find compassionate and highly-trained specialists at Colorado's largest provider of private  behavioral health services.

Family Care Center provides numerous services including: counseling, medication management, and many more mental health resources.

Who We Are

  • Founded in 2016 by a retired Army Colonel and psychiatrist, Family Care Center (“FCC”) is the largest provider of private behavioral health services in Colorado and is in-network with major insurance carriers
  • FCC’s operations are run by the former Chief of Behavioral Health for the US Army
  • FCC clinics are structured to provide patients with rapid access to a multidisciplinary staff, including psychiatrists, that deliver patient-centered care guided by outcomes; FCC clinics typically include 15 providers including: psychiatrists, psychiatric NPs/PAs, masters-level therapists, psychologists and transcranial magnetic stimulation (“TMS”) specialists.
  • FCC is committed to providing evidence-based behavioral healthcare to members of the local community
  • Other key statistics to support FCC’s focus on providing rapid access to evidence-based behavioral healthcare include:
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Multidisciplinary Clinical Services:

Medication Management

  • Provided by FCC’s psychiatrists and psychiatric NPs and PAs
  • Prescribing providers collaborate with therapists to conduct diagnostic assessments and, where appropriate, prescribe medications
  • Multidisciplinary team coordination improves the patient experience and optimizes access for new patients

Talk Therapy

  • FCC provides a spectrum of evidence-based individual therapies, including CBT, CPT, EMDR and DBT
  • The multidisciplinary staff also offers group therapies, play therapy, family therapy and couples therapy

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

  • FCC uses TMS to augment the care of patients with treatment resistant depression and OCD
  • Approximately 1% of all FCC patients receive TMS
  • Those that have received TMS experience outstanding clinical outcomes. 75% report a clinically significant positive response