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Flexible, Multi-Disciplinary Mental and Behavioral Health Care

Family Care Center is one of the nation’s leading providers of mental health services and is dedicated to making a positive impact on the well-being of local communities. Our top-rated, multi-specialty clinicians provide comprehensive, evidence-based care that yields lasting positive results for patients of all ages.

Family Care Center has over 25 locations and growing throughout Colorado, Tennessee and Texas. See us at a location near you or virtually from the comfort of your home.

Who We Are

  • In addition to individual, couples and family therapy, as well as psychiatric services, Family Care Center leads in TMS therapy, an innovative, FDA-approved treatment for depression, anxiety, OCD and more.

  • Our clinics are structured to provide patients with rapid access to a multi-disciplinary staff. Each location typically offers licensed therapists, psychiatrists, psychiatric NPs/PAs, psychologists and TMS specialists.

  • Our team is uniquely qualified to offer services to military families, Veterans and First Responders. We were founded in 2016 by a psychiatrist and retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, and our operations are run by the former Chief of Behavioral Health for the US Army.

  • Family Care Center is one of the fastest-growing providers of mental health in the United States. We continue to expand nationally in collaboration with Revelstoke Capital Partners.

  • We emphasize building strong relationships with our communities and are committed to being active participants in community engagement initiatives, health education programs, and outreach activities that promote overall wellness.




Average Next Day Available Appt. for Psychiatric Evaluation

Industry-Leading Provider Retention

Clinic Locations in Colorado, Florida, Tennessee & Texas

Family Care Center Mental Health Services:

Medication Management

  • Experience evidence-based relief and improved quality of life through our medication management services
  • Care and treatment plans are led by psychiatrists and psychiatric NPs and PAs
  • Prescribing providers collaborate with therapists to conduct diagnostic assessments and, where appropriate, prescribe medications
  • Multidisciplinary team coordination improves the patient experience and optimizes access for new patients

Therapy & Counseling

  • We provide a spectrum of evidence-based individual therapies, including CBT, CPT, EMDR and DBT
  • The multidisciplinary staff also offers group therapies, play therapy, family therapy and couples therapy
  • Learn how to cope with difficult life situations and how to establish healthy boundaries in relationships, work and other areas
  • See your therapist in person or via a telehealth appointment

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

  • We use TMS to augment the care of patients with treatment-resistant depression and OCD
  • TMS is an effective non-invasive FDA-approved treatment for major depressive disorder, OCD and smoking cessation
  • Approximately 1% of all Family Care Center patients receive TMS
  • Of the patients who participated in therapy, medication management and TMS, 95% experienced a significant decrease in their depressive symptoms within six months