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Supporting Military Families: Breaking Down Barriers to Veterans’ Mental Health Services

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As we commemorate Veterans Day, we must recognize that the journey for approximately 200,000 active-duty servicemen and women transitioning to civilian life is fraught with challenges. Shifting from the collective culture of military service to an individualized role in society can lead to high levels of stress, affecting 44% to 72% of Veterans during this critical phase.

Studies indicate that nearly half of those separating from military service may not immediately tap into available resources, benefits and services. This lack of immediate support can contribute to the emergence of more complex behavioral health concerns, underscoring the growing need for ongoing assistance and the breaking down of barriers to Veterans’ mental health services.

Sharing a sense of duty, honor and dedication

Enter Family Care Center, a beacon of hope founded in 2016 by Dr. Charles “Chuck” Weber, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and psychiatrist. With a mission to serve military families, veterans, and first responders, Family Care Center has expanded its footprint across Colorado, Texas, and Tennessee, with more clinics on the horizon.

Dr. Weber states, “Our roots in providing expanded mental health care to the armed services came from a shared sense of duty, honor, and dedication.” The organization goes beyond merely offering mental health support; it’s committed to fostering a behavioral health system of care that treats all ages in an outpatient setting.

Comprehensive Veterans mental health services and behavioral health care

Family Care Center provides tailored treatment options for both military and civilian families. These include counseling for individuals, couples, and families, child play therapy, and medication management. Their state-of-the-art clinics offer innovative treatments like transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), an FDA-approved, medication-free option for various mental health disorders.

Clinician-led approach to care

What sets Family Care Center apart is its 100% clinician-led approach, spearheaded by Dr. Chris Ivany, former Chief of Behavioral Health for the U.S. Army and a child and adolescent psychiatrist. Dr. Ivany emphasizes, “Our understanding of the military culture sets us apart from other mental health care providers and uniquely enables our patients to benefit from the treatment we provide.”

Breaking down barriers through a real-world understanding

As a licensed professional counselor in Colorado Springs and an 18-year-strong Wyoming Army National Guard member, Eli Varney understands Veterans’ unique struggles during their transition and the need for Veterans mental health services. Varney notes, “Do soldiers’ life trajectories change after deployment? Yes. Therapy can help them find answers.” His emphasis on connection and individualized treatment plans reflects the organization’s commitment to helping veterans regain control of their lives.

Family Care Center actively collaborates with the Veterans Administration (VA) and accepts TRICARE, ensuring convenient access to multiple clinics near military bases and offering virtual appointments. Their dedication to breaking down barriers ensures that veterans can access mental health care with ease.

As we extend our gratitude beyond Veterans Day, it’s vital to recognize organizations like Family Care Center, making a tangible difference in the lives of military families. For more information on our comprehensive Veterans mental health services or to schedule an appointment, call 888-374-5066.