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Behavioral Health Services for Jefferson County in Golden

Family Care Center Golden is located at 350 Indiana Street, Suite 300 Golden, CO 80401. At our clinic, we provide comprehensive behavioral health services, including counseling, medication management, and more. We aim to provide a welcoming, compassionate, and safe environment for people from all walks of life. At Family Care Center, we believe that individuals can heal from mental health issues, as long as they have the right support, and we’re proud to provide the residents of Golden and the surrounding areas with just that.

Meet the Providers

Casey Mullins Family Care Center
Casey Mullins, MA, LPC - Clinic Director
Kendra Poarch Family Care Center
Kendra Poarch, PA-C, Medical Supervisor

I believe a strong provider-patient relationship is pivotal to successful outcomes, and is built on compassionate, open communication. My goal is for us to work together to collaborate in creating the best course of treatment for you. I want to help set you up for success to improve your overall quality of life.

Nikki Rossetter Family Care Center
Nikki Rossetter, LPC

As an LPC I offer a large scope of services rooted in evidence-based practices. For those who have experienced marginalization and oppression, you and all of your identities are welcome into my office. I am a direct and respectful therapist. Engage in the therapeutic process with me for an experience towards growth, change, and honesty with yourself.

Abbey Hurtis Family Care Center
Abbey Hurtis, PA-C

I know that starting with a new clinician can be scary at first but I am here to meet you where you are. I truly believe that healing starts when a patient feels heard and that they can trust their provider. I want this to be a journey we go on together. I value your input and will use that information to design a plan together that will provide you with the most success so that you can live the best and most full life.

Elizabeth Sheaffer Family Care Center
Elizabeth Sheaffer, LPC, NCC

Lets be present together. I am enthusiastically passionate about mental health, brain development, and the brain-body connections. I practice a client-centered therapeutic approach integrating a variety of evidence-based
techniques, primarily pulling from CBT, mindfulness, existentialism, and radical acceptance. I like to integrate breathwork, emotional regulation, and meditation with clients who are interested in the practice.

Dalton Martin Family Care Center
Dalton Martin, LCSW

Psychotherapy is aimed to help a person deal with specific issues. Whether it be developing coping skills, enhancing interpersonal relationships or managing symptoms, I can assist with any of these.

My colleagues would consider me direct, and I am comfortable with this. Therapy does not have a linear progression. I think anyone willing to do the work in their mental health is a good place to start. I am available to help anyone interested in seeking more insight into themselves.

Alea Mackley family care center
Alea Mackley, MA, MFT, LPC

The grace, acceptance, and strength of my clients inspires me and continually shapes my practice. My
particular interests and specialties tend to fall within women’s issues, trauma, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, addiction, parenting and relationship Issues. The belief that everyone deserves access to quality mental health care and a chance to be the best version of themselves informs every element of my work. With respect to professional orientation, my approach is grounded in client-centered, CBT, DBT, solution, multicultural and trauma informed approaches.

Stacy Shelts family care center
Stacy Shelts, LPC

I am passionate about our body’s innate wisdom and what our nonverbal experiences have to say. I am skilled at staying present with the full range of emotions, so I can go wherever you need to go in your emotional work. There is often powerful insight and relief when we allow ourselves to work with our body in therapy rather than against it. Building awareness with curiosity and compassion is a team effort in my office, and I would love to see where we can grow together.

Jayden Wiersma family care center
Jayden Wiersma, LCSW

I want to give you praise for having the courage and strength to take the first steps toward mental health recovery! It would be an honor to help guide you on the path of self-discovery, problem-solving, and holistic healing with talk therapy. Together, we will use the time-tested approaches of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to unlock your inner potential to create meaningful change in your life. As an LCSW, I have a diverse background of working in schools, hospitals, jails, and drug rehabs that provided me the experience to assist in whatever life challenges you may be facing.

Sally Brown, PhD, LCSW

I am a licensed clinical social worker with over 30 years of experience in providing treatment for clients. I
specialize in working with trauma survivors, veterans and their families, couples, the LGBTQ+ community, and
those who are struggling with addiction. I provide EMDR, cognitive processing therapy and motivational
interviewing and I base my treatment approach on cognitive behavioral therapy. I look forward to working with you to achieve peace and wellness in your life.

Family Care Center Provider
Karlie King, TMS Technician
Family Care Center Provider
Yessy Madrid, MA
Dana Pataroque, PA-C

I prioritize inclusivity, creating a safe and accepting environment for all patients. I believe in the importance of
strong patient-provider relationships, fostering open communication and collaboration in personalized treatment plans. I hope to work with you to achieve lasting positive outcomes for your mental well-being.

Sarah Rothluebber, LPC

You are the master of you and I am here to support and help you on your healing journey. As a licensed professional counselor specializing in working with children and teens, I have seen the incredible power of therapy in helping individuals heal and grow. Through a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship, we can
explore the impact of past experiences and work towards developing healthy coping skills and resilience. It can
be difficult to take the first step towards seeking help, but I believe that every individual has the strength and
potential to overcome their struggles and thrive. Together, we can work towards finding healing, hope and a brighter future.

Dorothy Flagg, Medical Office Receptionist
Family Care Center Provider
Krystl Oxford, Medical Office Receptionist