Group of people nicely dressed at the Angels of America's Fallen gala.

Community Connection: Family Care Center and Angels of America’s Fallen

Family Care Center proudly continues its support of Angels of America’s Fallen for the fifth consecutive year. Our Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Chuck Weber, and our clinic leaders from Colorado Springs recently attended the Angels of America’s Fallen gala. It’s one of the many ways the company shows its ongoing dedication to helping the families of our nation’s heroes.

“At Family Care Center, we believe in the power of positive activities to help heal and grow, especially for those who have been through tough times,” said Dr. Weber. “By supporting organizations like Angels of America’s Fallen, we’re empowering children to become leaders and write their own stories of success.”

Family Care Center was founded in 2016 by two U.S. Army Veterans to care for service members, Veterans and their families and we continue that tradition today. Our team of behavioral health professionals includes Veterans, military spouses and family members who have a deep understanding of the unique nature of mental health treatment for service members and beyond. We strive every day to help our patients and their families live life to the fullest.

Angels of America’s Fallen is a national non-profit that encourages and funds healthy activities for children of fallen military and First Responders. Their mission is to help local children find a passion to pursue with the guidance of a coach or instructor. The kids frequently interact with their coach or instructor and other kids, helping them avoid becoming withdrawn and depressed.

Watch this video to learn more.

The program does so well that Angels of America’s Fallen has more than 700 kids waiting for help. They need more support to reach all these children. If you’d like to join us and make a real difference in these brave children’s lives while honoring their parents’ memories, we invite you to learn more about Angels of America’s Fallen. Visit today.

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