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Behavioral Health Services for Williamson County in Franklin

Family Care Center Franklin is located at 5030 Carothers Pkwy, Ste 120 Franklin, TN 37067. At our clinic, we provide comprehensive behavioral health services, including counseling, medication management, and more. We aim to provide a welcoming, compassionate, and safe environment for people from all walks of life. At Family Care Center, we believe that individuals can heal from mental health issues, as long as they have the right support, and we’re proud to provide the residents of Williamson County and the surrounding areas with just that.

Meet the Providers

Amy Shelton Family care center
Amy Shelton, LPC-MHSP - Clinic Director

Beginning her career as a College Therapist and Counselor at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Amy has over 10 years of experience in both counseling and teaching psychology, She has a passion for helping people and provides care with a patient centered approach. Amy uses an integrative counseling method that leans heavily on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to meet each patient’s individual needs. She is EMDR trained and works with patients who are dealing with trauma.

Andrew Holmgren family care center
Andrew Holmgren, LPC-MHSP

I approach counseling from a collaborative perspective, in which you, the client, and I work together to identify ways to address your concerns and meet your therapeutic goals. In session, I take an interpersonal stance where we explore the ways that your relationships with others can impact the concerns that brought you to therapy as well as how these concerns might impact your current relationships. I firmly believe that each client has the ability to accomplish their goals when they can engage authentically in a nonjudgmental therapeutic space. 

Katherine Dinwiddie, D.O.

As a double board-certified psychiatrist in child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry, I specialize in the evaluation and management of various mental health conditions and symptoms across the lifespan. I promote a compassionate and nonjudgmental treatment environment where you feel comfortable sharing concerns and asking questions. My goal is to help you build self-resiliency by way of psychoeducation, therapy, and/or medications to forge a path through your current challenges.

Lee Moore
Lee Moore, LCSW

Worry happens in your mind, stress happens in your body, and anxiety happens in your mind and your body. In small doses, worry, stress and anxiety can be positive forces in our lives. But most of us are too worried, too stressed and too anxious. How do we manage this worry, stress and anxiety in a healthy manner? My strength is building rapport, empathy and holding space for my clients by listening and utilizing curiosity. Focusing on both the physical sensations in your body and sharing life challenges is a comprehensive approach to therapy. I utilize EMDR, narrative therapy, emotional freedom, somatic exercises, technique(tapping), DBT and CBT. 

Deanna Martin family care center
Deanna Martin, PA-C

I want to support you on your journey!

“You are a light; You are the light! Never let anyone – any person or any force – dampen, dim, or diminish your light. Study the path of others to make your way easier and more abundant. Lean toward the whispers of your own heart, discover the universal truth, and follow its dictates.” – John Lewis

Melissa Herb family care center
Melissa Herb, LCSW

Melissa Herb is a graduate of the University of Tennessee with certifications in grief, trauma, and DBT. As your therapist, she will help you practice the skills for growing hope by increasing self-compassion, self-regulation, and interpersonal rhythm. Reconnecting with passions like music, art, and poetry allow for a life with more meaning. Let’s explore what gets your groove back.

Abby Pluss family care center
Abby Pluss, Medical Office Receptionist - Regional Lead

I have always known that I wanted to help people and going into the behavioral health industry has always been the clear point for me to help others. Working at the Family Care Center is amazing, and I enjoy helping others and seeing them be able to talk to someone and better themselves. I cannot be any more excited to help everyone on their journey through therapy.

Nabila Salam, LPC-MHSP

“Progress, not perfection.” The healing journey begins with any step taken to improve yourself, and every step deserves to be celebrated. As a strengths-based therapist, my aim is to help you rediscover and cultivate your internal and external resources towards the purpose of becoming your best self. We will celebrate each victory and grow from every struggle taken in your journey of improvement and healing. I will walk beside you in a partnership as you take steps to learn how to build a better life.

Candice Beatty family care center
Candice Beatty, LPC-MHSP

Challenges and struggles in life are a human experience. Sometimes navigating these events is confusing and overwhelming. It is okay to not have all the answers. Asking for help and guidance is a form of self-care that you deserve. Counseling offers a safe place for you to explore your thoughts and feelings, your past and hopes for the future. Along the way, finding insight, accessing your skills and inner strength will give you the hope and motivation to continue on your journey. “Growth is never by mere chance. It is the result of forces working together.” James Cash Penney. I have over 20 years of counseling experience and I enjoy working with those age 16 and up.

Kathy Huckaby family care center
Kathy Huckaby, LPC-MHSP

I feel truly honored to work with you during times of struggle, change, and growth. I strive to create a safe space to grow, heal, and reach your therapeutic goals. I have experience working with various challenges including depression, anxiety,
grief/loss, ADHD, school issues and other behavioral challenges. I utilize a relational, strengths-based approach while incorporating evidenced based practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, mindfulness practices, and play-based interventions.

Robert Fitzpatrick, LPC

I have worked in a variety of settings to help teens and adults work through mental health challenges. During my career, I have been trained in a number of modalities, such as EMDR, CBT and Solution-Focused Counseling. Using these tools in collaboration with the client will achieve positive, sustainable change.

male provider at family care center
Colin Kelly, PMHNP
Whitney Blankenbaker, TMS Care Coordinator
Gail Harris family care center
Gail Harris, TMS Technician

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.”

I have been a Medical Assistant for 8 years and recently a TMS technician. I transferred/ was “stolen” from Colorado FCC to the Franklin location. Seeing our patients strive is where my passion lies. Showing our patients both young and old support, encouragement, compassion, and hope brings me such joy.

medical assistant at family care center
Jessicer Tomerlin, MA

Jessica is a southern California native who relocated to Tennessee in 2022. She has served as a Medical Assistant for approximately 15 years and enjoys working with her patients. In her downtime, you can find her playing and snuggling with her two precious pitties.

family care center
Deanna Howell, Medical Office Receptionist

My name is Deanna. I enjoy learning new things & have a passion to make a positive difference by helping others. Having the opportunity to spend quality time with family, the outdoors, & pets warms my heart. I am thankful to be able to work with dedicated and passionate FCC colleagues who improve the quality of life for others.

Jeri Hulan family care center
Jeri Hulan, Clinic Administrator

I have over 15 years of leadership experience in healthcare across several service lines, but the genuine care and compassion of both our Staff and Providers at FCC is incomparable.  I am incredibly lucky to support our associates in delivering the highest quality service to our patients and their families each day.  We are all on life’s journey to find purpose, fulfillment, and peace.  Our Team at FCC is here to help you along that path when you need it. 

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