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Behavioral Health Services for Adams County in Northglenn

Family Care Center Northglenn is located at 11990 Grant Street, Ste 101 Northglenn, CO  80233. At our clinic, we provide comprehensive behavioral health services, including counseling, medication management, and more. We aim to provide a welcoming, compassionate, and safe environment for people from all walks of life. At Family Care Center, we believe that individuals can heal from mental health issues, as long as they have the right support, and we’re proud to provide the residents of Adams County and the surrounding areas with just that.

Meet the Providers

Candice Leimkuhler Family Care Center
Candice Leimkuhler, MS, LPC - Clinic Director

If you are researching psychotherapy or individual providers, that is a strong indication that your inner knowing has an awareness of the golden opportunity knocking at your door. Making the decision to start a therapeutic journey, whether brief in nature or more extended, is a courageous one. It means you are willing. Willing to talk, explore, challenge, learn, grow, change, and believe in yourself. As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and that one step will always be the step you take in the present moment.

Kartiki Churi Family Care Center
Dr. Kartiki Churi, M.D., Regional Medical Director

Dr. Churi currently works at Family Care Center and provides medication management and TMS treatment to a wide demographic within North Denver and the Northern Colorado region. She is a strong advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion in the community and healthcare and believes in being a voice for her patients and peers. In her spare time, Kartiki enjoys hiking, camping, cooking and gardening.

Brandy Knudtson family care center
Brandy Knudtson, PA-C

I am a board-certified, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with 12 years of healthcare experience. I believe in a collaborative approach that empowers clients to actively participate in their treatment plans and ensures that every individual’s journey is tailored to their unique circumstances. My expertise lies in providing specialized care for individuals facing mental health challenges. It’s very important to me as a provider to develop a good relationship with my clients so that we can address their mental health needs in a safe and understanding space. I am dedicated to fostering a stigma-free environment that allows clients to openly share their concerns free of judgment.

Kate Fantozzi family care center
Kate Fantozzi, Clinic Administrator

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2005. I thoroughly enjoy and take pride in my role as a Clinic Administrator – I love to support the employees and help the clinic run smoothly so we can focus on providing the very best in client care. Outside of work, my kids keep me very busy! Two of my favorite things to do is watch my son play baseball and attend my daughter’s choir concerts. During my free time, I enjoy reading, playing board games, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. 

Sarah Pettay Family Care Center
Sarah Pettay, LPC, LAC

No matter if you are dealing with depression, anxiety, life transitions, self-confidence issues, or simply needing a little more support in your life my role is to work with you to achieve greater life satisfaction.  My job as your therapist is to provide a safe, non-judgmental, and authentic place for you to explore your goals, overcome your barriers, and work through situations together. 

Sahar Sawaged Family Care Center
Sahar Sawaged, LPC

In the journey of life, we experience valleys, mountain tops, and everything in between. We often have difficulty expressing and understanding our personal struggles. Therapy is a place to hold space for the unknown of your inner experiences and to provide support and guidance in the healing process. I have worked with severe trauma, anxiety, depression, suicide, personality disorders, etc. With my training in CBT and Somatic Processing, my goal for each client is to foster hope, provide an underlying understanding of their experiences in the mind and body, and challenge negative self-talk.

Lacey Henry Family Care Center
Lacey Henry, Medical Assistant

I have been a Medical Assistant for 8 years. Being there for someone in the hardest time in their life is where my passion lies, whether that be physically, emotionally, or mentally. Helping people, and being there for them is where all of my professional and personal drive comes from. Family Care Center has given me the opportunity, and the privilege to walk alongside and be there for you or your loved one, and I am grateful for that.

Lisa Laws Family Care Center
Lisa Laws, LCSW

I see therapy as a chance to come alongside you and meet you right where you are to help you take the next step on your healing journey. Therapy is a collaborative process, so I love to check in often to make sure you feel like you are getting the support and help you need to reach your goals. I see it as an honor and privilege to hear more of your story and be able to enter into the things that can be harder to talk about. Reaching out to set up that first appointment can be the hardest, but know that you are brave, you matter and your story matters.

Jon Blauw Family Care Center
Dr. Jon Blauw, Ph. D.

As an experienced clinical psychologist, I find that a tailored goal-oriented focus, breaking problems into easily achievable small steps and using tools from many approaches can help clients get unstuck and move forward.

Also, empathy and collaboration are key to my approach to working with clients. I work with people from all
backgrounds and am LGBTQI-friendly.

Carol Oakleaf Family Care Center
Carol Oakleaf, PA

I have been a family practice PA for over 27 years. I have come to realize that emotional health is just as important as physical health. 

You are not your circumstances, or what has happened to you. What is important is how you respond to what has happened in your life. I hope to help people become the best versions of themselves, and find joy in their lives. 

Christelle Cook Family Care Center
Christelle Cook, MA, LPC, LAC

I aim to be adaptive and creative in helping patients grow and succeed in their lives. I believe in establishing meaningful relationships and building trust with patients to create a supportive and safe environment to explore and process each person’s individual stories and life experiences and work toward each patient’s unique goals. I enjoy helping patients with a variety of presenting concerns including improving overall wellbeing,
managing depression and anxiety, improving relationships and adjusting to life circumstances.

Emily Wallen Family Care Center
Emily Wallen, LPC

Choosing to seek therapy requires courage. While there is no overnight fix, magic wand, or “happiness” pill,
working confidentially and closely with a therapist can facilitate remarkable improvements in your well-being. It can reduce distressing symptoms (along with medication, if needed) and even raise your typical baseline of functioning and the quality of your relationships. This is your journey and I am here to provide guidance and support along the way.

Cassie McCormick family care center
Cassie McCormick, LMFT

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am trained and experienced in working with Children, Adolescents, Adults, Families, and Couples. My unique training means that I look at how systems affect your life and while you and I can’t always shift systems, we can shift how we think and approach them. My therapeutic approach is that we are a team working together to find the best way to heal you. I believe that you are the expert on your life, and I
can offer helpful perspectives and tools for you to feel more confident in living the life that you want to live.

Ebony Villarreal family care center
Ebony Villarreal, PA-C

My intention as your healthcare provider is to get to know the real you, your background, your passions and motivations, your struggles and goals. I enjoy listening and have a non-judgmental approach. Together, we can create a tailored treatment plan to allow you to function at your best ability. 

Stephanie Topol family care center
Stephanie Topol, LPC

I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) who helps children, individuals, couples, and families work through
challenging events, assisting them to thrive. Creating a non-judgmental, safe, positive, compassionate, and
supportive environment is one of my ultimate goals. I have experience in helping individuals and families
manage anxiety, depression, health & eating issues, loss of a loved one, addictions, life transitions, divorce,
deployments, and much more. I have worked with both children and adults diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, as
well as helping their families through challenging times.

James Hausman family care center
James Hausman, LCSW

We can work together to help you. I provide nonjudgmental and compassionate support, so you can feel heard, understood, and appreciated. I believe therapy occurs in the balance between acceptance and change. When you feel safe and respected while exploring your thoughts and feelings, you can then feel encouraged to make positive changes in your life. I am here to remind you to believe in yourself and also in your ability to feel better. I look forward to helping you to rediscover what an awesome person you are.

Cynthia Pancheco Family Care Center
Cynthia Pancheco, TMS Technician
Family Care Center Provider
Irene Hernandez, TMS Technician
Carley Hodges Family Care Center
Carly Hodges, Med Office Receptionist
Family Care Center Provider
Cherydan Scheurer, Medical Office Receptionist